• Animated showreel solutions delivered in under a week


    Last week we were commisioned to produce an information-driven showreel for local business (and fellow Tomorrow Studio tenant) Intelligent Software Development. We were able to develop the idea with the from concept through to delivery in a matter of days. The brief allowed us scope to combine drawn animation, video footage and Google Earth simulations in an economical manner, with all parties pleased by the result. Two variations of the concept were completed, targeting two different markets.

    Here’s what clients Don and Michelle said about the process:

    Danimations delivered us a wonderful showreel in a very short timeframe and displayed a great deal of professionalism. They took our raw ideas and hard-to-deliver message and created a video to effectively draw in our customers. Danimations did not just deliver animation, they also showed a great deal of dedication and imagination.

  • Dead Pixel Designs prove a popular purchase


    Danimations launched its first wave of pixel art merchandise internationally under the label of ‘Dead Pixel Designs’ late last year. Since then, our products have been creating a bit of a buzz in the zazzle.com marketplace and we delighted so see a growing list of happy customers. Our most popular design, a recipe binder sporting a collection of cute pixel art fruit and vegetables (inspired by the retro arcade game Bubble Bobble) has already sold to customers in five different states of the USA. Here’s what Lana from Washington had to say about our product:

    Absolutely beautiful… and perfect for the collection of recipes I’ve gathered from the web. I have literally HUNDREDS of printouts, all ready to be put into binders, but I wanted something eye-catching and “classy” looking. These are precisely what I had in mind. I just ordered 6 of them.

    Thanks for the glowing compliment, Lana- we’re thrilled to have been able to help you get your kitchen in order! If you’re curious about our line of ‘Dead Pixel Designs’, have a browse through the widget below. All products are available worldwide.

  • Nikki Aitken, Cabaret diva raves about danimations


    Nikki Aitken is without a doubt one of the rising stars of the Australia’s cabaret performance circuit. After winning multiple awards at Adelaide Fringe last year, touring and developing new material, she decided that her profile and internet presence needed a boost. Nikki and her publicist ‘Adelaide Live it Love It’ turned to us for her online video needs. Nikki now has online video channels on multiple video portal sites, and can now watch her audience grow on a daily basis. Here’s what she had to say about working with us:

    Danimations were fabulous to work with! The speed at which they turned around a high volume of editing was a god send. Their professionalism is second to none and the quality of their work, just brilliant. They shot and edited my performance and gave me solutions to take my work to a wider media base. I am so happy to have finally found a company I can trust for my media solutions. I won’t be using anyone else in future!