• Vladimir Jurcik breaks Jim Clark’s world record for maximum sit-up in an hour in Adelaide

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    Yesterday, Danimations helped Hectorville man Vladimir Jurcik attract a sizeable crowd to his world-record beating attempt. After rehabiliting from a serious brain injury 15 years ago, Vladimir started performing sit-ups to help compensate for his hearing and balance loss.When he learned about American Jim Clark’s record of 2201 sit-ups performed in an hour, Vlad began training hard and became determined to set a new world record on April 1st 2011, at the age of 60 years. You can meet Vlad and hear his annoucement of the event below.

    Surrounded by cheering spectators in Rundle Mall, Vladimir successfully performed 2238 sit-up in one hour. The attempt captured the attention of Channel 7’s TV news, and the East Torrens Messenger newspaper is publishing a profile story on Vlad in next week’s edition, out on Thursday. Vlad also took the opportunity to introduce the audience to his Hearing Dog, Roxy, and continues to raise awareness for hearing dogs and their owners everywhere. Vlad was exhausted and ecstatic on completion of his feat, and Roxy congratulated him with many affectionate kisses. Next, Danimations will help Vlad qualify his record with Guinness World Records by sending them video footage of the attempt. We will also be posting a the video, time-lapse accellerated to our youtube channel next week. Become a subscriber and be among the first online to view his record breaking achievement!

  • danimations to document Vladimir Jurcik’s Guinness World Record attempt in Adelaide on April 1, 2011


    Vladimir Jurcik & Hearing Dog RoxyOn April 1st at 1pm in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Hectorville resident Mr Vladimir Jurcik will attempt to beat the world recorld for maximum situps in one hour. Making the record attempt all the more inspiring, Vlad is currently 60 years old, and has spent the last 14 years rehabilitating from an aquired brain injury. The current world record for maximum situps in one hour is held by ex-Navy Seal and fitness junkie Jim Clark from Minnesota, USA. He performed 2201 in an hour- a figure Vlad expects to smash in Rundle Mall on April 1. The attempt is being made to inspire others to strive for greatness, and to raise money and awareness for Hearing Dogs. Vlad became deaf when he received his brain injury, and relies on the assistance of a Terrier-cross called Roxy to act as his ears. While guide dogs for the blind are commonly recognised and allowed for in public space, the same does not apply to hearing dogs, and Vlad has been the frequent victim of discrimination due to lack of understanding of his dog’s ‘access all areas’ rights. Danimations will also be producing a short documentary film derived from Vlad’s experiences with aquired brain injury later this year. Please come along and show your support for a courageous South Australian whose discipline and commitment will make him a world-beater!