• danimations’ artists receive Runner-Up prize for SALA’s Gosia Schild Moving Image Award


    After contributing new works to SALA’s Moving Image Project annually since 2006, Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling this year received the Runner Up prize for the covetted Gosia Schild Award for Best New Work in the Moving Image Project. This year’s new works included ‘Pipe Dream’ (a psychedelic waterslide ride cut to a funky breakbeat), ‘When Sparks Fly’ (a looping abstract solo work by Dan Monceaux), and ‘Bit-Tech’ (a lo-fi black and white pixel animation which is currently playing on the Rundle Lantern, a multi-storey public light sculpture at the prominent Adelaide intersection of Pultney and Rundle Streets). The pair also performed as Supermarket with their new audio-visual show ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ at the launch of the event. Dan and Emma are proud of their latest accolade and also wish to congratulate the award’s winner Kyriaki Maragozidis and encouragement award recipient, Adam Murakami on their achievements. SALA continues to provide a unique festival platform for the celebration of the full spectrum of South Australian artists’ work and holds an invaluable place on our cultural calendar.