• Triple Threat Animation project previews at AVCon


    Triple Threat Animation posterSix months in the making, the danimations-designed Triple Threat Animation project is sneaking lucky punters a preview of its wares at AVCON in Adelaide. Combining the talents of three talented emerging animation teams from Adelaide’s Tomorrow Studio, the project provides a promotional platform and production model for three unique new lines of animated entertainment. Binding them together is a cunning balance of cute, gruesome, colorful and playful elements, each module highly finished and ready to serve. Two pilots for animated cartoon series’ feature, with danimations’ production Death Finds a Day Job and Awesome Fighter Animation’s ‘Livin’ With Steve’ playing for black comedic laughs. Game developers I Love Biscuits will launch their cute casual online game ‘Pooper Trooper’ for beta testing and merchandise from each product will be available for purchase, to help fund future production. The project will offer glimpses of its works with three presences at AVCON- in the Creative Industries booth, the Indie Games Room and a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ panel presentation at 3.30pm on Saturday July 24th. Last year, AVCON attracted over 6000 attendees, and their team are expecting even greater numbers of gaming and animation fans this weekend… the perfect local audience for our steaming hot new efforts!

  • ‘Oil’s Well’ cartoon to keep spotlight on Gulf of Mexico disaster


    When the Deepwater Horizon oil-rig ignited in the Gulf of Mexico back in May, we were horrified. Our disappointment and feeling of dread grew as the volume of oil pumping into the ocean increased with each bungled and delayed attempt to stop the leak. Creative people should never feel impotent in the face of such events though, as maintaining public engagement is everything. danimations has just embarked on a short animated video series entitled ‘Oil’s Well’ inspired by this sordid chain of events. You can watch a silent preview of the first episode courtesy of the Sydney Opera House’s GRAPHIC animation competition. The first episodes of the micro-short animated series will be completed in the next month- though the series will continue at least as long as the leak does!

  • Animated showreel solutions delivered in under a week


    Last week we were commisioned to produce an information-driven showreel for local business (and fellow Tomorrow Studio tenant) Intelligent Software Development. We were able to develop the idea with the from concept through to delivery in a matter of days. The brief allowed us scope to combine drawn animation, video footage and Google Earth simulations in an economical manner, with all parties pleased by the result. Two variations of the concept were completed, targeting two different markets.

    Here’s what clients Don and Michelle said about the process:

    Danimations delivered us a wonderful showreel in a very short timeframe and displayed a great deal of professionalism. They took our raw ideas and hard-to-deliver message and created a video to effectively draw in our customers. Danimations did not just deliver animation, they also showed a great deal of dedication and imagination.