• danimations’ NatureScope online video introduces brand, staff, products & mission


    At danimations, we often encounter the misconception that business success via online video is all about chasing ‘viral’ video hysteria. While the ‘viral’ video admittedly has the potential to explode your brand into public awareness, internet audiences craving ‘the next wierd thing’ are fickle and unpredictable. Most attempts at striking the magic formula fail, and often burn tens of thousands of dollars in the process. For business clients considering commissioning online video, we generally encourage a more conservative communications goal for a cost-effective first step. We turn our clients’ focus to communicating to their existing customer-base first, by designing a video to be placed prominently on the landing page of their existing website. A video in this context has the opportunity to provide an overview of the business, its staff, its mission, its products… to an already engaged audience. Using the power of sound, imagery and storytelling it can serve to build customer confidence, reinforce perceptions of a business or brand and encourage or prompt immediate action. It needn’t need to shout to be heard over the noise of adjacent advertising, and honesty and integrity can be powerful assets. We recently completed such a video for NatureScope Photography which you can see below, or on their website. While you take your well earned New Year’s break, take a look at the NatureScope video, and consider the value of investing in an introductory online video for your business in 2011. Your enquiries are always welcome.

  • danimations & Flinders Partners wish you an Merry Christmas with animation


    Since moving into our new premises at Flinder Partners, Bedford Park, danimations has been furiously focussed on completing a variety of commercial video works, launching NatureScope‘s line of gift cards and calendars and teeing up some new and exciting projects for 2011. It’s holiday season now though, and it’s time for everyone to kick back and relax, us included. For those of you we’ve worked with during the year, you’ll know that the spirit of collaboration is a core value of our service business. It was that spirit, along with the nature of Flinders Partners’ activities in commericalising research projects which inspired our 2010 animated Christmas greeting card video. danimations & Flinders Partners would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy new year and rejuvenating holiday season! We will be resuming regular business on January 7th, 2011.

  • We’ve moved! danimations announces relocation to Flinders Partners


    After eighteen months of calling Adelaide’s Tomorrow Studio home, danimations has moved premises! Our blossoming digital media content production business is now based at Flinders Partners, Laffer Drive, Bedford Park in the Mark Oliphant Building. Our new location allows us raft up closer than ever to our core customer base- the state’s movers and shakers in innovation, research, technology and commericalisation.

    Recently, danimations has focussed on the delivery of effective online video content for clients in engineering, manufacturing, software development, innovation and commercialisation sectors. We were first introduced to the Flinders Partners space by our clients Thereitis.com and WireByClick, and quickly identified an opportunity to relocate and reposition ourselves in their coworking space. We are now in an ideal position to satisfy the digital media needs of our most valued present and future clients. We would like to extend our gratitude to the staff of Flinders Partners for inviting us to share their premises and vision as we embrace new opportunities together in the new year.