• danimations launches first NatureScope documentary episodes


    The first two episodes of NatureScope‘s new nature documentary video series are now live. Prompted by danimations directors’ love of nature, biology and conservation, the channel endeavours to show Australian nature at its best. It also aims to prompt viewer engagement with conservation and habitat restoration efforts, and considers no plant, insect or animal subject too small or otherwise insignificant to consider and celebrate. The first episode features the flora and fauna of the Mark Oliphant Conservation Park, near Heathfield in the Adelaide Hills. The 200 hectare park is named after Sir Mark Oliphant, a celebrated South Australian physicist, humanitarian and environmentalist. Coincidentally, danimations studio is also located in the Mark Oliphant Building at Flinders University- such was the man’s impact on the state (he even became State Governer in the 1970’s, during Don Dunstan’s glory days). The video features Adelaide Hills icons the Western Grey Kangaroo and Koala, and a selection of bush butterflies, recorded during a Summer hike.

    The second episode is a prelude to our forthcoming danimations documentary Cuttlefish Country which will explore the dramatic recent history of the giant cuttlefish migration to the upper Spencer Gulf each Winter. The human residents of nearby Whyalla are in arms at the moment, with various proposed industrial developments causing anxiety, deep concern and even anger over the future of the Point Lowly Peninsula. So powerful and timely is the story, that we have decided to release interviews from the film in short form, as we go. Each will be posted in the NatureScope channel, and we strongly encourage you to grab and share them with your friends and workmates. You can also help spur NatureScope along by watching and sharing our videos on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you share media. If you’d like to financially support our work, why not buy some photographic art or gift cards from our store on Redbubble? If you care about the Australian environment, its flora and fauna, help inspire others to do the same. Up NatureScope!

  • danimations digital media tips offers video tutorials on technology, software and creativity


    Our new ‘How-To’ video channel Danimations’ Digital Media Tips is now showing on Youtube.com . The first three episodes have attracted ears and eyes from around the globe, all seeking to overcome challenges that arise when technology and creativity intertwine. Whether recovering lost photos, modding your smartphone or sharpening your production skills, each episode offers a timely and practical solution to a specific digital media problem. Future episodes will cover Android smartphone mods and applications, PC and Linux software and digital photography and videography tips. The videos will focus on providin cost-effective solutions, prioritising the use of free and open-source software and processes whenever available. Specialty tips on ‘big box’ software including Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Flash will also feature. If you have a burning question related to digital creativity, ask away. If we can’t help you out right away, we’ll work out how and share the knowledge in a future episode.

  • danimations drives Flinders Partners’ technology & commercialisation video blog


    Flinders Partners, the commercialisation arm of Flinders University, is embracing video blogging as an exciting extension to its communications and marketing effort. The company prepares and launches commercial ventures and partnerships derived from cutting-edge university research- making its activities a fine match for an internet and tech-savvy audience. The organisation’s management team are eager to share their diverse portfolio of projects with an expanding audience online, and will post developments, war-stories and demonstrations in an informal and personal style. Danimations provides Flinders Partners with tuition, direction and production support and will further enhance the vlog’s impact with distribution, tracking and search engine optimisation. If your company or organisation is looking to create the right impression on the world’s 2nd most searched website (YouTube.com), we look forward to hearing from you. To see Flinders Partners’ vlog content in action, check out the embedded playlist below.