• Beatburger (2010-2011)

    Join Adelaide’s audio-visual performance duo Supermarket as they deep-fry original beats and visuals in multi-screen, hi-fi glory. Served with special sauce from distinctive electronic music performers, your eyes and ears are in for a feast. Nominated for 2 x Adelaide Fringe Awards in 2011, including Best Music Event. “Home grown, world-class talent” (2009 Fringe review, Jo Vabolis, The Independent Weekly).

    Tickets are available now for Feb.26 and Mar.5 shows here.
    Beatburger Bites Back 2011 Poster

    Beatburger Bites Back is the 4th consecutive Supermarket show to hit the Adelaide Fringe, with each one growing in size and scope. The annual platform for live electronic audio-visual performance expands in 2011 to include more artists than ever before, and welcome sponsorship support from the Hotel Tivoli and Bang & Olufsen.

    Previous artists to have participated in Supermarket’s Adelaide Fringe shows include DJ Trip, Amoeba Muzak and Atomitek. Visit Supermarket’s website for more information, tunes and video.