• Cuttlefish Country documentary project expands to feature film proportions


    Save the Cuttlefish!

    When we first began work on Cuttlefish Country back in August of 2011, we did not forsee the story growing to such scale and complexity. What began as a short documentary project has grown into a full-length feature film project, and we’re thrilled at the prospect. After initially investigating the mystery of the missing Giant Australian Cuttlefish aggregation of Upper Spencer Gulf, we decided to extend the scope of the project to include more background on BHP Billiton’s massive proposed Olympic Dam mine expansion. Every answered question led to new questions, and we soon found ourselves compelled to tell the story of the incoming South Australian mining boom and to explore the opportunities and the challenges which lie ahead for mining companies, regional communities, the South Australian Government and the environment.

    The cuttlefish and their plight will still feature prominently in the story, while broader topics are also addressed including groundwater use, energy consumption, the nuclear power debate and infrastructure challenges. Stylistically, the film will feature a diversity of opinion in interviews, many spectacular locations around South Australia, and a significant number of animated sequences, including stop-motion and illustrated styles. The project remains independently funded, and has received no grant monies or external investment. As this project has effectively placed our service business on hold, we appreciate any and all private contributions to our production through the purchasing of campaign merchandise, and in-kind sponsorship. We are striveing for an April 2012 release date, with screening venues and distribution TBC. You can find out more about the project and connect with us on social networks at Cuttlefish Country.

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