• Cuttlefish Country documentary film – in production!


    We’re up to our necks in cuttlefish, drama and mystery as the story for our pending documentary film Cuttlefish Country unfolds. Failing dismally to recognise and protect its environmental assets (and the associated commercial opportunities they present), a stack of industrial proposals are pegged for the narrow strip of land known as the Point Lowly Peninsula in Upper Spencer Gulf. The Santos Gas Fractionation facility sticks out like a sore thumb on this wonderful strip of South Australian coastline, and is currently involved in a court battle with the EPA over water pollution. It’s hard to imagine how the State Government of South Australia has failed thus far to consider evaluating an alternative development strategy for the area- capitalising on the amazing and unique Giant Cuttlefish aggregation which happens there each winter, its scenic coastline, beaches, rocky reefs, mangroves, sea grasses and sponge-gardens. The spot has long been reknown for its snapper fishing and crabbing too, and three Aquatic Reserves protect adjacent waters. Put simply, Point Lowly’s at threat from a wholesale industrialisation agenda from private sector and State Government proponents. Emma and I are now on the case, and we’ve launched a website where you can find out more and sign a petition to relocate the most alarming industrial proposal- a desalination plant to provide water to BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine at Roxby Downs. The plant will pump salty brine back into the Upper Spencer Gulf system, which poses horrendous risks to bottom-dwelling marine species like the Giant Australian Cuttlefish, prawns, and the myriad of creatures who use surrounding habitat as fish nurseries. We aim to complete the documentary film by October 2011, and we’re releasing interviews as we go to help raise the level of public awareness and concern. Please help us set the course of regional development in this state towards a sustainable future!

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