• danimations drives Flinders Partners’ technology & commercialisation video blog


    Flinders Partners, the commercialisation arm of Flinders University, is embracing video blogging as an exciting extension to its communications and marketing effort. The company prepares and launches commercial ventures and partnerships derived from cutting-edge university research- making its activities a fine match for an internet and tech-savvy audience. The organisation’s management team are eager to share their diverse portfolio of projects with an expanding audience online, and will post developments, war-stories and demonstrations in an informal and personal style. Danimations provides Flinders Partners with tuition, direction and production support and will further enhance the vlog’s impact with distribution, tracking and search engine optimisation. If your company or organisation is looking to create the right impression on the world’s 2nd most searched website (YouTube.com), we look forward to hearing from you. To see Flinders Partners’ vlog content in action, check out the embedded playlist below.

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