• danimations digital media tips offers video tutorials on technology, software and creativity


    Our new ‘How-To’ video channel Danimations’ Digital Media Tips is now showing on Youtube.com . The first three episodes have attracted ears and eyes from around the globe, all seeking to overcome challenges that arise when technology and creativity intertwine. Whether recovering lost photos, modding your smartphone or sharpening your production skills, each episode offers a timely and practical solution to a specific digital media problem. Future episodes will cover Android smartphone mods and applications, PC and Linux software and digital photography and videography tips. The videos will focus on providin cost-effective solutions, prioritising the use of free and open-source software and processes whenever available. Specialty tips on ‘big box’ software including Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Flash will also feature. If you have a burning question related to digital creativity, ask away. If we can’t help you out right away, we’ll work out how and share the knowledge in a future episode.

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