• danimations channel joins Youtube’s Partner Program


    Youtube danimations logo 2011 We are proud to announce that our primary danimations Youtube channel is now officially part of the Youtube Partner Program. What does that mean? Well, Google has reviewed and approved our content for its good standing, popularity, subscriber base and promise of growth. The program (whose precise entry prerequisites remain shrouded in mystery) unlocks exciting additional features of Youtube’s user accounts and channel pages. These include further channel page customisation options, custom content boxes and external links from text and banner graphics. Importantly from a business perspective, Partner Program status means that your content is also prioritised by Youtube’s recommendations engine, so more people will be exposed to your brand and content. Integration of advertising into and adjacent to your videos can also be enabled on a per video basis, offering a revenue split managed by Google’s AdSense engine. In short, YPP status makes your content easier to find, look sexier, integrate better with your other web presences and introduces a new revenue stream for your business. We assist all of our clients in developing Youtube channels to tap into its fantastic marketing and communications potential (it is the world’s second-most-searched website after Google, after all) and our video production and distribution packages start at $1499. Phone and email enquiries are always welcome.

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