• Dan Monceaux shares his creative industries perspective at Fuse Festival


    Fuse Festival logoDan Monceaux spoke twice at Fuse Festival this week, sharing danimations’ creative industries perspective on two music industry panel discussions. Considering the constantly shifting terrain of the music and technology landscape, Dan brought to the event his personal experience as both video producer for danimations and self-managed independent musician as Supermarket. Now in its fifteenth year, Fuse Festival is the longest running annual music industry event of its kind in Australia, and it sustained a vibrant and convivial atmosphere throughout. The three day and night event brought together a wide variety of musicians, managers, publishers, agents, tour bookers and more from around the nation and beyond for an inspiring exchange of ideas and talents. Danimations extends our thanks and congratulations to Alistair Cranney for making us proud to be a part of South Australia’s thriving music community.

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