• danimations provides video production services to dance film creative development


    Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling of danimations are currently working on the creative development of a South Australian dance-film project entitled ‘Sleep Disorder’. Director Kat Worth engaged Danimations to direct photography and roll multiple cameras in the first stage of the project which started this week. Supported by ArtsSA, the Australia Council for the Arts and Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide-based dancers Daniel Daw and Alison Currie take the performers’ roles, while the production team includes Carol Wellman Kelly, Gabrielle Griffin and Nic Mollison. The piece is a creative response to experiences of sleep deprivation and the emotions and distortions of consciousness that come with it. Through the work, Danimations will be demonstrating the more extreme fringes of our creative capacities, including in-camera optical effects, black and white post-production, high-speed (slow-motion) filming and underwater cinematography.