• danimations offers professionally packaged DVD and Blu-Ray disc replication


    While online viewing represents the future of video, we understand that a professionally designed and packaged DVD or BluRay disc can still serve as a valuable promotional item. As a physical product, your videos can be cost-effectively distributed directly to customers in person, at special events or shipped directly. One danimations client who takes a healthy multi-format approach to video marketing is Adelaide-based vehicle hoist manufacturer, Molnar Engineering. At a major motor-industry trade show recently, Molnar looped their video collection on an HD TV via a custom BluRay disc. A packaged, take-home DVD of the video suite was also handed directly to leads at the event, with a clear call-to-action directing viewers to their website for updates and further information. A well-packaged DVD or BluRay disc has shelf presence and stands as a lasting and valued reminder of your business. It provides a reliable viewing option where internet access is limited, and above all else, presents a dynamic and cost-effective opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Ask us how we can help you reach your world with video today.