• Sound collaboration & charitable giving


    Danimations recently collaborated with illustrator, web and new media designer John Newall on a multimedia project for the University of South Australia. Designed to encourage donations to further the cause of education in remote regional Australia, the University commissioned the development of a cost-effective embedded Flash slideshow that added a balance of information and emotional weight to their plee.

    Click here to view the embedded Flash slideshow

    John Newall led the project, guiding the scripting process and assembling the slideshow. He then enlisted our services in sourcing the right voice to deliver the message, directing and recording the session and post-mixing the voice with backing music. The task was turned around swiftly and seamlessly, with accomplished voice actor Lyn Pike delivering a strong performance. The finished piece greatly exceeded the clients’ expectations of what was achievable on their modest budget.

    To see more of John Newall’s work (his illustration work is fantastic), visit his website www.johnnewall.com

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