• Cuttle Scuttle pixel art game prototype enjoys public play-testing


    Danimations has an exciting new project approaching public beta release. Cuttle Scuttle is our first dalliance in game design, and boy are we having fun with it! Inspired by our work on the documentary film Cuttlefish Country, the game brings the ecology of the temperate reefs off Point Lowly to life, and does it in 8-bit retro-gaming style! So far we’ve presented the prototype at different stages at three events: the launch of whale season at the SA Museum, the World Oceans Night celebration in Whyalla and more recently at AVcon, Adelaide’s anime and video gaming extravaganza.

    If you’re yet to get your mits round a controller and play out life as a female cuttlefish, there will be plenty more opportunities ahead. These include at the Science Alive! Expo during National Science Week and Simtect at the Adelaide Convention Centre. We’re also preparing the official beta release of the game to synchronize with our Simtect appearance.

    For more info, check out the Cuttle Scuttle page on our Cuttlefish Country website or follow our page on Facebook.


  • danimations takes public lectures and forums in Adelaide to the world via Youtube video


    During our continuing work on our first feature-length documentary film Cuttlefish Country, we’ve somehow still made time to work with a range of special interest groups, offering them video production and distribution assistance. Groups including Sustainable Population Australia, University of South Australia’s Hawke Centre and Adelaide Friends of Wikileaks have all benefited from the wider distribution of their events via free video broadcasting on our danimations channel. If you are hosting a community event, public lecture or forum and would like to discuss using video to reach an international audience, we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy watching Richard Heinberg’s lecture on ‘The End of Economic Growth’ embedded below. You can find more edifying content from Danimations in our Youtube channel.


  • Naturescope videos on show in Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre


    Works from the danimations online video series Naturescope are on show at Gallery M in Marion Cultural Centre until April 1st. The three episodes are presented as part of a community art exhibition entitled ‘The Demise or Otherwise of South Australia’s Gulfs’. Conceived and wrangled by passionate environmentalists from the Save Our Gulfs Coalition, over 90 artists from around Spencer and St Vincent’s Gulfs responded to the theme in a very diverse range of media and working styles. We were thrilled to be asked to contribute our work, and also produced for the occasion a limited edition DVD featuring the three videos. It is available from the gallery for $15. For more information about the exhibition, visit Gallery M’s website. To see the Naturescope videos without leaving your computer or cellphone, view them on Youtube.